About us


Ten years ago it all started with a dream, a man with a vision wants the food for his family and friends not just for the body but food for the soul.

Recently after ten years the owner decided to open it to public especially when he noticed the abundance of crops and he wanted to share it to everybody.

The owner believes that every property on the Earth is only available for consumption of human being while they are still alive. So it means that it’s now how big or small your property is what matters most is how big your intention to share it to everyone’s consumption and experience. He also believes that the future of farming and adventure belongs to millennials, so he created an environment millennially just for you.


Taal Maranan’s Farmville Inc. is consist of very accommodating staff. We make sure that we satisfy our guest and make them feel that they are also member of our family. We always give them the best that we can offer.


  • Stress & guilt free getaway with us

  • Farm to plate organic foods

  • Propagate endemic local games

  • Team building with wellness

  • Fun and exciting tours

  • Best tasting local delicacies

  • Kids friendly environment

  • Sources of real foods